Zaffit is a among a search engine and a wiki like a huge expertise base

Zaffit is a hybrid system consisting of hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of consumerproduced “Pages”. These pages are publicly accessible and searchable utilizing our state of the artwork indexing system. Unlike regular search engines or wikis, consumers are encouraged to design and style and maintain their pages however they like.
We feel in providing handle back to the men and women and feel in the general goodness of the person, consequently we subscribe to the openness of the web and empowering men and women to present themselves or their businesses however they see match.

With Zaffit, you can discover numerous things like:

What is a search engine

A web search engine or Web search engine is a software program system that is made to carry out web search (Web search), which indicates to search the Planet Broad Net in a systematic way for particular info specified in a textual web search query. The search benefits are typically presented in a line of benefits, often referred to as search engine benefits pages (SERPs). The info might be a mix of hyperlinks to web pages, images, movies, infographics, content articles, study papers, and other varieties of files. Some search engines also mine data accessible in databases or open directories. Unlike web directories, which are maintained only by human editors, search engines also maintain genuine-time info by working an algorithm on a web crawler. Web content that is not capable of becoming searched by a web search engine is typically described as the deep web.

Some of the most searched categories are:

Abortion Alternatives Organizations
Abortion Details &amp Providers
Abrasive Merchandise (Manufacturers)
Abrasive items, nec
Abrasives (Wholesale)
Absorbents (Wholesale)
Access Panels
Accident and Well being Insurance coverage
Accident and health insurance coverage, nec
Accident Reconstruction Service
Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping, nec
Accounting/Bookkeeping Mach/Supls (Whol)
Acetylene (Wholesale)
Acids (Wholesale)
Acoustical Consultants
Acoustical Contractors
Acoustical MaterialsManufacturers
Addressing Machines &amp Supplies (Whol)
Adhesives &amp Gluing Gear-Mfrs
Adjustment and Assortment Providers
Adjustment and collection services, nec
Administration of educational packages, nec
Administration of Urban Arranging and Local community and Rural Development
Administration of Veterans’ Affairs, Except Well being and Insurance coverage
Adobe Blocks &amp Shapes (Manufacturers)
Grownup Care Facilities
Marketing Nec
Marketing representative
Marketing service
Marketing, NEC
MarketingArtwork Layout &amp Manufacturing Svc
Marketing-Checking Service
Marketing-Directory &amp Guidebook
Marketing-Shoppers’ Guides